Mæna #4

Mæna is an annual magazine made by third-year students of the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Storytelling was the theme of the 2013 issue and it featured academic articles, features on local illustrators and branding work by advertising agencies.

My contributions to this issue included the cover design and two articles: Appelsín: The taste of Iceland (soft drink rebrand) and Data Graphic Stories.

As a proposal for the cover, I made an illustration of the class fighting in a comic-cloud to represent the difficulties of group work. The class seemed to like it and we silk-screened it ourselves to follow the ‘handmade’ theme that we wanted for the magazine.



Ups-n-Downs_2797 Ups-n-Downs_2798 Ups-n-Downs_2799 Ups-n-Downs_2791 Ups-n-Downs_2789 Ups-n-Downs_2778 Ups-n-Downs_2777

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